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Light vs Heavy Towing


Commercial towing for heavy-duty vehicles involves a more expansive approach than towing companies normally take for regular, light-duty towing. Commercial vehicles are the backbone of a company’s industry. All time spent dealing with a heavy-duty, commercial vehicle breakdown robs the owner of time dedicated to furthering the goals of the business. Following are specific areas in which hiring a towing company specializing in heavy-duty, commercial towing can benefit a business.


Light-duty towing of passenger cars, trucks and SUVs only requires a mid-sized tow truck, outfitted with a simple front-end-lift mechanism. Commercial vehicles weigh tons more, and the engines and cargo alike must be handled carefully to reduce additional damage which could occur on the roadway during transport. If the vehicle is stranded in an obscure, remote location or involved in a devastating accident, the tow vehicle must be able to extract the large truck and safely load and carry repairable components.

Skill Level

While light-duty towing requires its own range of knowledge, commercial towing warrants another level of skill. From understanding how the engine functions, to knowing how to securely connect each section of the heavy-duty vehicle to the tow vehicle, commercial towing professionals with experience are an invaluable asset when time is of the essence.


All towing companies carry insurance to cover any damage to vehicles during transport, but the cost of damage to a heavy-duty engine will incur much higher costs than those of a light-duty vehicle. Commercial towing companies have an insurance policy reflecting this difference, offering comprehensive coverage on both the commercial vehicle and the cargo contained in the truck.

Integrated Support Network

Light-duty towing emergencies are serious, to be certain, but the problems involved are usually solved locally. The passenger vehicle can be transported to a local mechanic, near the owner’s home.

The issues involved with commercial scenarios are usually much more complex. The heavy-duty vehicle may be hundreds of miles from its intended destination, and an equal distance away from its business origin location. When the towing company is called to the scene, they must immediately begin negotiating with the truck driver, the business coordinate contact, area mechanics and the receiver of the goods to ensure the engine is repaired and the business delivery timeline experiences as little of an interruption as possible. A qualified company will handle these challenges with ease, even setting up replacement transport for the cargo when needed with help from their experienced network of support in the industry.

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